Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random Thoughts...

Well, here we are. Quite possibly 30 days from take off and I have so much to do. Paint the room, get dressers for the room, buy things that Sam needs and pack for China. There are also other little things that I need to get done but I think listing them all and actually seeing it will just be enough to put me over that tiny little ledge.
I have been missing Sam so much these days. Is it possible to miss a little one that you have never even met? I sometimes try to picture what our house will look like with one more person, one more little head at the dinner table, one more little carseat in the car. It feels so comforting to just know that we are in the home stretch and he will be home soon!
I will post more as I know abou travel. I sure am going to miss that sweet hunky husband of mine while he is gone. I sure do love him :)

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  1. Hang in there! I still remember that anxious feeling of missing my little one & feeling like no one understood. So very soon he will be FOREVER in your arms:) I just love getting to follow along and see the miracle of adoption again and again! get his little bag packed (if you haven't already;)) and maybe even look at fun countdown activities (for the kids of course) once the trip is underway. SO very excited for your family!!!