Thursday, June 3, 2010

Updates on Samuel

We got an update on Samuel today, and he is so stinkin precious!! It was such a surprise to see the email from our agency! So here it is:

1. May we have updated measurements including weight and height?
- Height: 82.5cm; - weight: 13kg(28.5 pounds!); - head size: 47cm; chest size: 52cm; teeth: 16

2. Overall health/any sickness (chronic)
He has been quite healthy and he seldom gets sick.

3. Is his hearing getting better or worse from the first test?
According to the result of the update hearing test done on May 31, 2010, there is no change compared to the first test. Overseas staff will send once they have the English translation.

4. What words or sounds is he currently making?
He understands directions. He is willing to learn speaking from the teacher. He addresses aunty, teacher and elder sister by himself. What's more, with the teacher's help, he says other words as well.

5. How is he doing developmentally and cognitively? May we have updated photos?
He has been quite healthy and seldom gets sick. Yet he often gets heat rashes once it's warm.
He is willing to learn from the teacher in class and he enjoys following the teacher's action with the music. He can stack up eleven building blocks. He likes to scrawl with oil pastels. Additionally, he can tear newspaper into long strips. Update pictures are as attached.
What a sweet sweet angel! This is going to be torture waiting for this little one to come home! He looks so sweet and just lovable!! Cannot wait until all of my babies are together!


  1. Just precious. What a cutie! I like his hair - it's light like Georgianna's.

  2. What a blessing to get such detailed answers to your questions! He is darling.