Friday, May 28, 2010

1 Samuel 1:27

says: "I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him."

Two months ago I was looking on the Holt International website. My husband calls it torturing myself because I would get all bleary eyed and emotional, longing for another child. We just weren't financially ready. Yes we have the love in our heart and room in our home, but let's face it. International adoption is expensive. So I would look at those little faces and just daydream about the time that all of my children are home.
I emailed Erin at Holt about one little boy in particular that really caught my heart. She quickly emailed back and said that C2A2 was not sending out file of children to families that were not paper ready. Well, that's it. I said my thank yous and went on about my way. She said that she would call of things were to change and I said sure, but I honestly didn't think I would hear back from her again.
A few weeks later, Shannon and I were seriously considering the Congo program. There was a little one that would have been perfect for our family and a few days later the lady at the agency called and said a home study ready family would like to see his file and proceed with adopting him and that we would need to make our decision right then and let her know. So, I took that as this just not being the right timing. I told her of course, to please let the other family go after him. I was a little sad, but knew that it was the right fit for him and for us.
A few weeks later Erin calls from Holt and said that C2A2 has lifted the wait and that all families may now apply for this little boy. He was on the shared list as well as the agency list and after a month, his file could go to anyone.
**I would like to add that the day before Erin called us, I was getting ready to go to work. I was in the shower and my heart was just breaking. I kneeled down in the shower (not a pretty picture) and just began to pray. I begged God for a good 15 minutes to show me something. Either take the desire away to want another child, or to show me that the path I was on was the right one. I prayed for him to be specific and to be in my face. I needed the in my face and clear part. And we all know what happens when I pray in the bathroom....

- May 4th: Erin called and forwarded his file to us. We were one of 3 families interested in him. I immediately called our doctor so she could look over this info as well. I called Erin back right away to tell her we wanted to proceed.
- May 5th- Erin calls to tell us our agency appointed social worker will be Jessica. Jessica would be calling later that day to have a family phone conference with us about this little boy so she can represent us at committee. (NO PRESSURE)
-May 5th- get an email from Jessica that committee will be May 6th. I'm sorry, did you say May 6th as in tomorrow May 6th? You did? oh, okay. ( We were under the impression that the families had 2 weeks to decide if they wanted to proceed. Guess they made their minds up as quickly as we did!!) Jessica calls to tie up some loose ends and I asked her about the other families. There are no other families. For personal reasons, the other families backed out.
-May 6th- 3:30pm - Jessica calls us to say we have been selected to be his parents. How's that for in your face and clear??

So without further hesitation we will be welcoming Samuel Fountain YunDi Sharp in February or March of next year :)

We are SO ridiculously happy!
His date of birth is December 10, 2007 (my grandfather's birthday)
So he is 2 1/2 right now. He is from Wuxi, Jiangsu. You can see his picture in the upper right hand corner of this blog :)
We are excited to have his as part of our family!!
Now to do tons of paperwork and get this ball rolling :)

Will add more later :) I have some updated pics of his sweet face that I cannot wait for you to see!!!!!!!!!!


  1. LOVE it, what a great story. Isn't it so amazing how our God can show off after we hit our knees and leave it all up to him.. It just makes my heart smile.
    love that our little guys are hanging together!

  2. Oh I am sooooo happy for you all and for your newest precious one!!!! He is ADORABLE!!!

  3. In tears!!!! I know this has been a rollercoaster and I prayed for you as well Penny. I am so overjoyed for all of you!! Samuel is one handsome little guy!!!

  4. We serve an amazing God and I am thrilled that He has answered your prayers! Samuel is just precious. So, so happy for you all.

    BTW, next time you're in the shower, could you say one of those in your face prayers for me? You get awesome results! ;)

    Can't wait to see you guys on the 10th.