Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reminds me of that song...

That song by Tenth Avenue North. The song where he is talking to God, feeling so far away at that moment. Feeling ashamed, hopeful that he will be forgiven, totally humbled. And then just like God does, He scoops him up and says...

i hear you say "my love is over,
its underneath, its inside, its in between
the times you doubt me, when you can't feel
the times that you've questioned 'is this for real?'
the times you've broken, the times that you mend
the times you hate me and the times that you bend
well my love is over, its underneath
its inside, its in between,
these times you're healing
and when your heart breaks
the times that you feel like you've fallen from grace
the times you're hurting
the times that you heal
the times you go hungry and are tempted to steal
in times of confusion and chaos and pain
im there in your sorrow under the weight of your shame
im there through your heartache
im there in the storm
my love i will keep you by my power alone
i dont care where you've fallen, where you have been
i'll never forsake you
my love never ends, it never ends


  1. Dear Sharp family,
    You are a very special family & I am blessed to know you. Blessings and smiles being sent to you.

  2. Penny,
    I love your new blog, but then I loved the old ones too. Anytime we get to hear news of your family and see pictures is a good time.

    It’s ironic that I just saw your email this morning. I have been thinking about you and Samuel and wondering how things were progressing. I warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes to think of your prayers being answered. It is good for me to be reminded that we serve a god who hears his children's prayers and cares about, not only their needs, but the desires of their hearts.

    I have to smile when I see Samuel’s sweet face – I think he looks like Elias and Norah. You know? He looks like he belongs with them.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and your new adventure. I can’t wait to read more.

  3. Precious pictures of your two sweeties already in your house. I look forward to watching you travel to bring Samuel home.
    By the way, how did surgery go? I was praying...