Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sweets For Samuel

How appropriate is that! Just one look at that SWEET face and I am in love!
We are fundraising to finish our adoption of Samuel. Unfortunately we are not independently we have been saving and brainstorming ways to gets this lovebug home. My friend Nicole designed a fabulous website for us called Sweets for Samuel There are several ways that you can help us bring Samuel home:

1. Sweet Bites: These are DELICIOUS! Nicole makes these and they are to die for! The mint chocolate is my favorite and the peanut butter is Shannon's favorite :) They are amazing and everything you would want them to be! I have been known to hide these from my children so I can have them all to myself. Yes, that is true. All of you parents out there... try them and you will see why!!!
You can buy these in either 6 count or 12 count. We will ship them to you - anywhere in the U.S. :)

2. M&M Tubes- These have been the ticket so far! So here is what you do: request the tubes and eat the chocolate. How can you go wrong with that! All that we ask is that you place your loose quarters in the tube (roughly about $20.00 in quarters) and either mail them back to us or I can come and pick them up!

3. Puzzle pieces: We have a puzzle of Elias and Norah holding Sam's picture. We have made that into a puzzle. You can sponsor pieces and when you donate your desired amount for the piece(s) we will write your families name on the back of the piece. once the puzzle is complete we will seal it and frame it for Samuel's room! Lovely!

4. And last but not least, the donate button.

We would like to thank those of you that have donated so far! It means so much to us that you GET it! Thank you!!!

Also, we are planning to have a Harvest Moon Festival September 25th on Daniel Island. We will post more information as it gets close, but you will not want to miss it!

Much Love!!

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  1. Wow Penny. These are wonderful ideas. If you give up your RT job you can always go into marketing. Good luck!