Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sweet Everly

As most of you know we are adopting.... again. I say again because our journey was "done" when Norah came home. Just ask Shannon. Then Samuel came home and we were "done". Now we are going back again. Yes, again. So now when people ask, "Are you done??" I just say, "I have no clue!!" We are so excited to bring our girl home!! She has an incredible story. One that takes my breathe away each time I tell it.

This is just the beginning of her story. She is going to change hearts and lives, I can just feel that in my bones. I ache to hold her, to smell her, to kiss her. My heart aches for this girl I have never met. My thoughts go to her everyday as I see an empty seat at the kitchen table. I wonder if she has eaten today, yesterday. Will she eat tomorrow? Will she be hugged? Loved? Adored?

As of now we are gathering paperwork. Lots of it. But each step will bring us closer to the day she is our daughter.

I will start her story soon. The story of how she became Every Jane WanJun Sharp...

Stay tuned because it's a doozie!!

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