Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lots of GOOD things!!!!!!

Well, today we got an update on Samuel! Those pictures almost brought me to my knees! I know that's why you came, so here you go :)

(Hey Momma, Can you come and get me please? Thanks! See you soon!)

And this is what they had to say about my little love...:

What are his current measurements?
Height: 85cm; Weight: 13kg; Head size: 47cm; Chest size: 51cm;

Have there been any illnesses?
He hasn't been sick since the last report.

How is he doing developmentally?
He says the sentence of around three to five characters. He is good at imitating and he enjoys learning from caretakers and teachers. He can feed himself and take off shoes and socks by himself. He tells the toilet need and goes to the toilet by self. He understands adults' direction and he can cooperate when dressing up. He tells people what he wants.

What is his favorite activity?
He likes playing with balls and electric toys

Honestly people. I can hardly contain myself!
And to top it all off... we got our fingerprint appointments in the mail today! Our appt isn't until 9/30 but we are going to walk-in tomorrow and hopefully they will allow us to do that! Please say a prayer for us!!!!
Gonna go to sleep now.... Got some sweet dreams running around in this head of mine :)


  1. SOOOOOO cute! What a sweet boy! Can't wait to hear about your walk in success!
    Blessings, Amy

  2. Hi! We have a fingerprinting appt. at Charleston on Oct 6. We are seriously considering doing the info pass walk-in, did it work? We are in Columbia, would love to hear if we should try the walk-in. We are adopting from Uganda with Nightlight. My email address is cmarie_rpi@yahoo.com
    Carla at notforgottenjourney.blogspot.com