Monday, September 20, 2010

She saw him...

My friend Amy is traveling to Jiangsu to Wuxi, Sam's orphanage, and she was able to see Sam and hold his sweet little hand. She also sent us four pictures and 3 videos. He is even more precious on the videos and he is so.... a part of our family already. I know that sounds absolutely crazy!! But I can see him fitting in so very well with us and I hope that he loves us half as much as we love him already. Once Amy gets home I will post the pics here. We are so very thankful for those pieces of his life. I am greatful that she was able to give us those pieces, as they will be so precious to him as he gets older. She really went out on a limb to do this for us and I am so very very thankful :)


  1. Samuel is sooo adorable. I bet you are dying to get to him. it won't be too much longer.
    In Him, Patricia

  2. That's really awesome!! So happy you were able to get this!!