Sunday, May 25, 2014

In a little while...

These last few days have been exceptionally difficult for me. Not for any other reason but that I miss my girl. I have thought of her often and the kids daily remind me that "When Ev gets here she will..." In a little while she will be here.
She will splash around the pool with her sister and brothers. She will jammie up after a bath and watch a movie with her people. She will love or hate pizza, she will definitely love Target.
This time next year will be very different for our family. We will be a family of 6...
I am so looking forward to that day of hugging her for the first time. Kissing her on top of her sweet head, readying her room and making her bed.
To be honest this has been the most difficult of our adoptions. Just about everything that could go wrong has. I am praying that the rest of it will go smoothly. I know that God has a plan for us and for Everly. I know there is a reason behind all of this waiting and mix ups. I know that God has already orchestrated this beautiful reunion to His liking. I know there is reason why financially it doesn't make sense.
But honestly, in my heart, I'm struggling. When I see you out and about and you ask me how we are doing and how the road to Everly is coming along I will smile and say fine! I love to talk about her and the thought of her being close to us :)
But I miss her. I miss her being near and I miss her in our family. See, when you fall in love with a child halfway around the world you tend to be only 3/4 really there. The other 1/4 is in an orphanage. My thoughts are constantly with her. My heart is always with her.
It was our choice to bring home Everly. It was our choice to sacrifice and fundraise and save and fundraise some more. It will be worth everything once she is home. And I may never really understand the holdups and the incredible amount of time that I feel this is taking (although I tell Shannon all the time that we should actually be bringing two home and that is why this is taking soooo long).
But until then I will dream. I will pray and I will be thankful. Because in a little while....
She will be home.

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