Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And I'm Back!

I know, you all were probably worried to pieces that these kids of mine tied me up and locked me in a room! But no... although that doesn't sound like a bad idea... To say that we have been busy is an understatement! Having a 3 and 4 year old is w-o-r-k! They are busy and don't take a nap so that = one busy gal! I love it though. We all fall into bed without much todo and sleep like champs. All of us. Sam is doing good. He has picked up on a few English words. We sign a few things and he understands alot of what we tell him. He LOVES baths and if we speak of such a thing we spell it. If we don't he will be naked in .5 seconds! He loves to eat. Anything. That's the truth y'all! I was slicing a tomato for a dip and he swiped a whole half! Of course I let him... he was just precious sitting at my feet with juice running all down his chin! There isn't much that he turns down and he is a dipper. Ranch, ketchup, salsa, cheese dip. Doesn't matter, just dip it! We have had a few set-backs with his attachment, although after locking ourselves in the house for a majority of the weekend and this week it seems to be helping and he didn't want to go home with the check-out lady at Target!! Whoot whoot! As a matter of fact, he got out of the buggy as we were checking out and he and Norah were paying right there in the isle. There was a lady that was a little taller than me with her hair in a pony (like I had) and jeans and a black shirt on (like me) and he went to grab her leg and she looked at him and smiled and he came running to me, "momma!!" and I picked him up and he burried his head on my shoulder :) It was a good time :) He LOVES Elias and usually falls down running to him when he gets home from school. They have a really cool relationship and it is super cool to see them on their tummies as Elias tried to teach him about Legos. Norah and Sam are doing alright together. You have to remember she was the baby and the girl in the family. She has had a few set-backs and every little thing that gets done to Sam (hug, kiss, a look, a wink, a high-five) we just double it. There have been many times that I have been holding them both and they think it's soooo funny. My poor arms don't find it so funny! But for the love of the kids... I let them work out their worries over toys for the most part. I will intervene when there are tears, but on 2 occassions now they have sorted it out without too much drama :) So here are a few pictures. Some are from the airport that my friend Tara took and 3 are from a babyshower that I had for my dear friend Rene this past weekend.


  1. HELLO there!!! Glad you are back and things are going so well for you! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics! They are all such cuties! Everyone looks so happy. I am glad that you aren't tied up and gaged though... I also love that he will eat and dip... that's a good boy! Enjoy! We leave Wed 4/6 and I am soooooo ready to hold my baby girl. So happy for you and your family!

    Hugs to you,

  2. Great photos Penny!!! I am so glad to hear that things are back on track with the attachment. You are a fab momma and he is learning what it means to have a mom for the first time in his life! Xo

  3. Glad your back on the blog - I was going through withdrawls. ;) Those pictures are just precious. Everyone looks so happy, and I'm thrilled to hear that Sam is beginning to attach with you all.

    You're a great mom, Penney. Love your blog.


  4. Guess I should have read this & not have had to ask so many questions............ sorry, but I have been behind in blog reading. Great to see you this morning!