Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another day in Guangzhou

So the guys are having a good time in GZ! I knew Stuart would love it there and Shannon enjoyed it when we were there the last time.
Samuel is doing great as far as I can tell, we are able to skype a few times a day and it is so good to see that sweet little love bug! His personality is just amazing and I know that he is giving Shannon and Stuart a run for their money!
They had their medical appt today and by the time that I talked to Shannon it was about 8:45 at night for them and he was too tired to even talk about it. So I need to make a mental note to self to see how it went!!! I will upload some pictures tomorrow. I am at work right now and can't do it. Sorry I have been such a poor blogger!!! It's hard doing it from the other side of the world!!!

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  1. You are a great blogger . . working mama . . and holding it all together back at home! I hope your last night went good and that you will have an awesome R & R for the next 7 weeks! WOO HOO . .