Monday, March 14, 2011


It has taken me 2 days to finally sit down and post this! Life with 3 kids is tiring but well worth the lost sleep! Where do I begin???

My sister in law Liz and her hubby Dallas were down with their 3 kiddos (Zoey, Delaney and Cooper) and my MIL Nancy was here as well. They stayed a few days with me and the kids to get ready for the homecoming. A few hours before we left for the airport Liz and Dallas took all 5 kids out and about and then would later meet us at the airport. I am so incredibly thankful to them for doing that because I am not sure I could tell you which end was up at that point much less be coherent enough to help with the kids!

Nancy and I got dressed and headed out a little early and headed to Starbucks. We sat there for a few minutes and both agreed that we were just torturing ourselves and headed to the airport. We got there about an hour before the plane was to land and after 15 minutes of tapping my foot, thumping my cup and twirling my hair I looked at the monitor and the flight had been delayed 25 mintues. Torture. So I called everyone I knew was coming to meet us and most had already left so we had a little party before their arrival. It was so nice to see everyone and made the time go by soooo much faster!! We had about 15 people at the airport and I cannot tell you how much that meant to me!

We were all counting down until the plane would land and it was time! But no one was coming around the bend. Hmmm...

Just as I thought I may just go crazy, my friend Heather said, "Wouldn't it be funny is they came in from over there?" and pointed to the other end of the airport. Just as I turned around I heard her say in sloooow motion, "There they are Penny! They are coming towards you! That's them!!"

I couldn't believe it. My husband, my son and my FIL were walking towards us.

I ran to them and was practically dragging poor Norah who was so giddy with excitement that she could barely breathe.

I hugged my husband tighther than I think I ever have. And then I looked into Samuel's eyes. I could not believe he was right in front of me. He was beautiful and in shock with everyone around him. He did great! Not a tear and he let me hold him with no tears involved. Except by me of course :)

I put him down so he could meet his new sister and brother. And then his counsins and the rest of the family and our friends. He did amazing.

We all went back to our house and had a big dinner. Shannon has so sweetly asked for a ham and homemade mac and cheese upon his return and I was more than happy to oblige!
Sam is doing great. He has a little trouble with going to sleep but other than that he is a trooper! I honestly feel like he has been here forever. I am so blessed to be him momma :) My heart is so full :)

I will go into all of the mushy detailed stuff later, but it is after midnight and I am pooped. I know why you really came though... I hope you enjoy...

Delaney, Elias, Zoey (holding Norah) and Cooper walking towards the airport...

Elias and Delaney waiting patiently...

Proud to be an American

Uncle Dallas, Cooper and Sam

Sweet boy

Norah and Sam


  1. Yea!!! Soooo happy for you!!!! He is precious! What a blessing!!!

    We leave today!!! Can you believe it???

    After all that Article 5 frustration - your son is home & I am off to get mine!!! :-)


  2. Simply beautiful! What an amazing blessing to be surrounded by such love on this blessed day. The photo of you holding Sam brought tears to my eyes. Xo

  3. My first thought was that this precious boy was truely blessed. Not because he has found a family, but that he is part of YOUR family. I could feel the love from everyone just radiating around this child, covering him and protecting him. I'm so happy for you all. Thanks for sharing your story.