Thursday, March 3, 2011


I am so sorry that I have not been keeping up with this! It is HARD being a full time mom to these kiddos! Between homework, dinner, dance, baths and bed I am pooped!!!!

Here are some pictures, since I know that it really why you came :) I will not add captions to these as it will take some time on my part and I am ready to hit the hay :) I will come back later and caption them! They are on their way to Guanghzhou today and that makes me sooo happy! One step closer to home :)
Samuel is doing great! He is eating and pooping like a champ and is sleeping well. He is a really funny kiddo!


  1. Loved it hun! I didn't realize they came through Detroit! Ugh . . . if you had come we could have hooked up before the flight to Shanghai. He looks like he is doing so well! I miss a lot of those places in Nanjing. Hope Shannon enjoyed his time there!

  2. He's adorable!!!! Glad they are getting closer to coming home!!!

  3. Awesome!!! I hope they enjoy Guangzhou:) This time next week we'll all be on pins and needles for you all be united at last!!! :D

  4. And the journey continues, on the last leg and soon into your the photos.