Tuesday, February 8, 2011


14 days. My husband and his dad will be boarding a plane to China. 14. Days.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this point. I have packed Samuel's suitcase. But then the clothes weren't freshly laundered so I unpacked them and washed them... down to the little Cars unders. I repacked and thought maybe it was a bit too soon so I unpacked. Seriously.

In 14 days my sweet husband will be on his way to our son.

There is an honest mixture of extreme giddiness and fear. A fear so real that it sometimes takes my breathe away. Will this child even LIKE us!!! We will soon find out! All the Skyping in this world will not hold me back from tackling them all in the airport when they return home. We will miss them terribly. My feet will miss their partners. We have never been apart this long before and I really dig my husband! He is an amazing dad... Hello!! He is going to China to get his son!!! But he is also my best friend. He can tell in an instant when something is bothering me. He can tell in an instant if there is something I am dying to tell him. He would do anything for his family and loves his children with every fiber of his being. His presence will be missed each day! I certainly hope he knows how much he means to all of us :)

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  1. Samuel is going to LOVE his family!!! I'm so excited to see you all together, as a family of 5!! yeah!!!