Thursday, February 24, 2011


So the guys took a stroll around Shanghai today! I don't think they wandered too far. At first they were going to get a guide but it was about 1000 RMB's and they thought they could do it themselves. They said they saw some very interesting things and it was very smoggy. I did convince them to send me one picture.

Shannon got into a discussion with a shaolin priest. Turns out he wanted money.I walked across the street when the light changed. I turned around and Shannon had not followed me. I can't leave him alone for a second.

They have one more day in Shanghai, which they just started and then will take the train to Jiangsu Saturday!! WHOOT WHOOT!!

And a very Happy Birthday to my niece Delaney!! We (me and the kids, Shannon and his dad, and my in-laws in Greenville and sister-in-law and family and brother-in-law and his wifey) were able to sing happy birthday to her and watch her blow out her candles!! Skype is a beautiful thing!!

I miss my sweet hubby terribly :( Love you babe!!!!


  1. Oh how I miss the streets of China. LOL . . Can't wait to see them in Nanjing!! Make sure your dear Shannon visits the mall across the way. :)

  2. LOL. Great photo. I love the "can't leave him alone for a second" comment. I too miss the streets of China, btw. Perhaps we'll go again one day soon. :)

  3. no post today. :( hope all is well hun. love you.