Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's all I have

I finally talked to Shannon about 9:45 this morning and it was 10:45 pm in China. The flight was uneventful as far as they were concerned and they were off to bed. I hope that we will be able to Skype sometime soon as the kids and I are missing him terribly. Thankful that they arrived safely!!!!


  1. So glad that they arrived safely!!! Xo

  2. From the title I thought you had used up all your strength for being home with kiddos while husband is in China getting your son. Glad to know it is just that all the information you have is that he arrived safely. However, I am praying for your family during this exciting, happy, and challenging time and specifically that you won't run out of strength.

    Joyful Mama/Cedar over a We Are Grafted In