Thursday, February 10, 2011

My List

My list of things to do seems rather long right now. The day is upon us and I am shakin in my boots! We have 11 days until they leave and I work 4 of those days. So really I have a week to prepare and pack. Umong other things I have to:

Make copies of various documents that have to go to China
Get passport size pictures of myself and Shannon
Gather all the legal documents that he needs to take
Write detailed instructions for the camera/camcorder and how to email them
Get 2 webcams and make sure they work Thanks Nicole!!!
Go to the bank and get fresh money
Pack Shannon
Pack Samuel And the list goes on....

I hope it all gets done! I know that it will but it seems like a huge mountain to me right now! I mean, I am sitting at the computer, eating iced animal crackers, and watching HGTV! HELLLOOO!!! Well, Samuels clothes are in the dryer. Does that count??

We are marking off the days until the boys leave. I hate to see him go, but will love seeing him come home!

If anyone wants to have a slumber party from February 23rd-March 11th, let me know. We will certainly be available :)

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