Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just got an email from my FIL. They are at the train station and are waiting to board. Next stop... Nanjing! I cannot believe that I will be seeing Samuel's face Sunday night! CRAZY!!!!!!
So sorry the posts have lacked meat! I get to skype with Shannon once or twice a day. They just strolled around Shanghai the last few days and didn't have a guide so they just stuck close to the hotel. Hopefully there will be a little more substance once they get to Nanjing and have a guide. I think that Shannon is anxious to get Samuel. What a sweet daddy :)


  1. What great quality time together. I bet they are exhausted from the flight. Hopefully they will be well rested by gotcha day! Xo

  2. ok, so is this our time sunday night? when should i be checking for gotcha pictures, sunday night my time or monday morning. How are you hanging in there?