Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just Breathe....

Tuesday was a very busy day for us! My father in law was on a business trip in Austria and we were having to communicate often so he could book the flights. I felt SO bad because there is a nice hefty time difference and I know he stayed up waaay past his bedtime! But in the end... it's DONE!

They will leave Charleston on FEbruary 22nd. Family day will be February 28th and they will return home on March 12th. MARCH 12th @ 4pm!!!!!!!!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!!

I am so excited to have that little man home!!!!

THe rest of our itenerary isn't complete because the in-China reps are off for CNY! :)


  1. I just saw your son is wuxi. I have a ? for you about there...Can i email you?
    if you leave me a comment with your email i won't post it....Also, not sure if you were to Jiangsu before or not, but it is a wonderful city! They have a lot of things to buy....Enjoy?

  2. Sure!!! It's
    Look forward to hearing from you!!!

  3. Wow . . does it even seem real? Cannot wait to see him in your arms Penny. To know what true love is. Xo